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24 places in "Kyoto City"

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  • Sagano Onsen Tenzan no Yu Featured

    Sagano Onsen Tenzan no Yu

    Kyoto, Ukyō Ward, Saganomiyanomotocho 55-4
    This is not your regular neighborhood sentō. Tenzan No Yu is what is called a super sentō, a large bath house…
  • Funaoka Onsen Featured

    Funaoka Onsen

    Kyoto, Kita Ward, Murasakino Minamifunaokacho 82-1
    Funaoka Onsen is one of the most iconic bath houses in Kyoto. For over a hundred years locals and travellers…
  • Kinugasa Onsen

    Kyoto, Kita Ward, Ichijomachi 50
    Kinugasa Onsen is housed in a nondescript concrete building, like you see anywhere in Japan. The family that runs it…
  • Daikoku-yu

    Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, Yamashirocho 284
    Daikoku-yu is located in the heart of Gion, Kyoto's Geisha district. Whether the Geisha bathe here is a mystery, as…
  • Showa-yu

    Kyoto, Ukyō Ward, Uzumasa Kumiishicho 28
      DetailsJapanese name: 昭和湯  
  • Nizaemon no Yu

    Kyoto, Nishikyō Ward, Katagiharabonyama 5
    Price: the regular entrance fee is ¥650 on week days and ¥850 on weekends and holidays. For a onetime fee…
  • Hakusan-yu Takatsuji

    Kyoto, Shimogyō Ward, Matsubara Noboru Funaya-cho 665
    This relatively simple sentō front far from the Horikawa-Gojō intersection is surprisingly popular. On most nights the baths are filled…
  • Ryūgū Onsen

    Kyoto, Kamigyō Ward, Shuzeicho 1055
    Ryūgū Onsen is a well-equiped neighbourhood sentō not far from Nijō Castle. Most of the facilities are fairly stock-standard, however…
  • Yashiro-yu

    Kyoto, Ukyō Ward, Uzumasa Morigamaecho 19-9
    DetailsJapanese name: やしろ湯
  • Idutsu-yu

    Kyoto, Nakagyō Ward, Benzaitencho 288
    Idutsu-yu is one of those iconic Showa-era sentō that you can still find all over Kyoto. It is however not…
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